Are you facing problems like unorganized waiting areas, increased customer waiting time, increased employee idle time, frustrated customers due to unfair serving, unable to monitor the performance of a branch located in a distant location, in short are you unable to create a unique customer experience which can be your competitive edge?

Kington LCD Display Queue Management System Improve your services providing the best image to your customer. Queueing system helps you integrate the digital signage technology with the queue management system. It is using a touch screen system to serve the clients and digital signage screens to display the served ones. The ticket dispenser is simple to use and the software requires minimal set up. Integrated with digital signage software works on the basis of each customer taking a ticket and being given a number that places them in the queue. When their number is called, it’s their turn to be served. Simple and reliable.

Perfect for applications where people need a queuing system, such as Commercial bank, Post office, borough council offices, Telecom Service Centers, Government Institutions, Hospitals, Retail, Airlines, Embassies or any other organization which encounters heavy flow of customers. This system providing the best efficiency is no longer satisfied with customers at this current date. Support of remote-updated advertisements on the serving touch screen system or printed ticket. Support of multiple displays to show the latest served clients. Support of multiple product-oriented queue lines. The features of Auto Calling System, LCD display and announcement are raising the mutual movement between end users and customers. A comprehensive analysis data is provided for supervisor's policy decision.

Easy, Customizable and Reliable
Built-in Web Server
Graphical User Interface
Content Management (through Web Application)
Priority Customer Management
User Management
Ticket Management
Configurable ticket updating settings
Services Categorization
Email/SMS Alert Notification
Multi language support
Company Settings
NTP (Network Time Protocol) Integration
Backup & Restore
Graphical Reporting

Easy, Customizable and Reliable
Configurable Design settings
Interactive Graphical User Interface
with Touch Screen
Language selection
(optional with waiting token count)
Multi-language support
Service Selection
Ticket Printing with customizable templates
Magnetic Stripe Reading
QMS Server Configuration Settings

Easy, Customizable and Reliable
Configurable Design settings
Multi-language support
Interactive Graphical User Interface (LCD)
Counter Display with counter attendant Information or Slideshow

Easy, Customizable and Reliable
Built-in Web Server
Content Management
Scrolling Text
Slideshow with custom animation
Storage Management
Popup Notification
Backup & Restore
Vertical and Horizontal Orientation
Multi language support
Font Settings
Logo Settings
Color Settings
NTP (Network Time Protocol) Integration

Easy, Customizable and Reliable
Interactive Graphical User Interface
Multi-Language support
Service Processing with Ticket Priority
Ticket Recalling
Queued Ticket Monitoring
Forward Ticket to Other Counter
Service Forwarding
Selective Ticket Calling
User Self Performance Monitoring
Warning Alert Receiving


Easy, Customizable and Reliable.
In built web server.
Content Management.
User Management.
User Define Screen Template.
Storage Management.
Multilanguage support.
Time Scheduling Setting.
Scrolling Text.
Logo & Font Settings.
Portrait or Landscape Selectable.
Currency Exchange Inbuilt Template.

SM-FOREX Technical Specification:

Currency Display

At least 50 ready-to-use international currencies

Panel Size

FHD 42 inch TFT-LCD, Resolution: 1920x1080 pixels

Display Technology

Industrial quality FHD 16:9 format LCD displays

Moving Message

Incorporates scrolling for custom announcement

Exchange rate

update Integrated/ automatic (integrated with the system)

Multimedia support

Image, flash, PDF, audio, video, online TV streaming


Dual Core Processor with 1.5GHz Speed

HDMI output

with TV/h.265 and CEC/3D support


10M/100M /1000M Gigabit Ethernet support

Internal memory

8GB, WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth: 4.0 version,


USB 2.0 host x 1, HDMI, LAN, Audio: Analog output


G.W. 24.5 kgs, Carton Size: 112*72*20cm


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