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Automatic Coin Counter for counting round shape coins, it can handle most of the coins in the world. Model Number KT-2300, counting speed upto 2300 Coins/Min. (for coins with a diameter of 15 mm). It can fixed a coin bag, or a coin tube onto the coin outlet attachment. Be sure the bottom of coin bag on the floor or on a stand, to prevent the machine from tipping over. KT-2300 can sort out the mixed coins. User can put all the mixed coins into the hopper and selected START key to start the counting. The machine will stop when the count total reaches the batch quantity (in batch counting mode), or after the machine completes counting all the coins in the hopper (in continuous counting mode). The counted number will be shown on the display. After user finished the counting all coins in the hopper, all the small coins will be rejected into the reject coin bag. The put all rejected coins into the hopper again to sort out the 2nd biggest coins. User set the coin diameter adjusting knob and the coin thickness adjusting knob to the position of the 2ng biggest coin in the mixed coins, and you can follow the above steps to sort out all the next biggest coins in the mixed coins.

We adopt only Bando belt (Japan Origin) in our coin counter KT-2300. Select replacement belts
• Don¡¦t mix used and new belts on a drive
Used belts will ride lower in the sheave groove due to sidewall wear and normal stretch. New belts will ride higher in the sheave, travel faster, and operate at higher tension. Running used and new belts together will overload and damage the new belts. Used belts may be used elsewhere on a light duty drive, or for emergencies.
• Don¡¦t mix belts from different manufacturers
Because dimensions and constructions vary among manufacturers, running such ¡§mismatched belts¡¨ won¡¦t give full service life. If the belt length is not known, the following formula can be used to calculate belt length: Length = 2CD + 1.57(D+d) + (D-d)2/(4CD) where CD=Center Distance, D=Large Sheave Diameter, and d=Small Sheave Diameter.

Applications: Automatic Coin Counter are adapted for enhance the efficiency of coin counting. Major customer is Commercial banks, Cash-in-transit companies, Financial institutions, Cash processing center, Money Changer, Public Telecom company, Mass Transit System ...etc. We are customers¡¦ good partner to give solution reduce their daily burden and enhance the efficiency of cash handling.

Technical Specification:

Applicable Coin Size

Diameter: 15 to 35mm; Thickness: 1.0 to 3.5mm

Counting Speed 

2300 Coins/Min.(for coins with a diameter of 15 mm)

Coin Sorting Speed 

1500 mixed coins / per min

Main Feature

Continuous Count, Add, Batch (1-9999) 

Coin Hopper

3000 Coins (for diameter 15 mm and thickness 1.1 mm)

Extended Coin hopper 

11000 Coins (for diameter 15 mm, thickness 1.1 mm)


265 (W) x 340 (D) x 345 (H) mm (w/extended hopper)

Net Weight 

20 lbs (9 Kgs) 

Power Supply

115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz (universal model)

Power Consumption


Accessories (Standard)

Dust cover, Coin Bag chute, Coin Reject cup and chute

Packing Detail

Carton size: 51.5*32.5*34.5cm, Gross weight: 10.5kgs


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