Kington Co. ltd. Semi Automatic Banknote Vacuum Wrapper KT-610 series. It incorporates the largest pump size which allows packaging of larger bundles of banknotes. Vacuum and seal settings are stored and recalled by programmable buttons, so they can be reproduced exactly and quickly. The security of vacuum packaging has many advantages over banding and strapping. The pouches are clear so visual inspection is easy and each pouch can be embossed with source code information. Our currency vacuum wrapping machine meets demanding safety and quality standards with the TUV mark and the CE mark which is issued by SGS Taiwan EMC service as evidence of safety testing.

Applications: The table top vacuum wrapping machine is used thousand in a great variety of plants. Major customer is Cash-in-transit companies, Financial institutions, pharmaceutical packaging, food and cosmetic industries, tea, fruit, fish, meat, chemical products, rice made food, bean product and seasonings.. ...etc. We are customers’ good partner to give solution reduce their daily burden and enhance the efficiency of storing request.

INDUSTRIAL /CONSUMER PRODUCTS -Currency, Coin tubes, Metal components (ball bearing, automotive parts), Welding rods, Animal food, Medical devices, pharmaceutical, Electronic components, Compound, Special powder , Old and useful documents packing for long storage, hygroscopic chemical packing. FOOD PRODUCTS - Hard cheese , dairy, Meat, fish , marine, Frozen foods & vegetable (potato, peas, seasonings) produce, Dried fruits , nuts (cashew, walnut, peanuts, almond, dates) Tea , coffee, Grains, flour, spices, pulses (rice, sesame seeds, soybeans, Dried snacks, Ready to cook meals, Confectionary & much more.

Technical Specification:

Chamber Dimension

400 (L) x 320 (D) x 100 (H) mm

Sealing Length

Length 300 mm × Width 8mm

Vacuum Pump

Air Pump: 0.24kw ~ 6m³/hr ; Oil Pump: 0.37kw ~ 7.2m³/hr

Packaging capacity

ca.2-3/min. Number of packages: 1

Vacuum Pouches

Polyethylene (PE) L20xW30cm; Thickness: 80μ (Option)

Machine Dimension

500 (L) x 366 (W) x 380 (H) mm


N.W. 40kg ; G.W. 45kg

Power Supply

AC 110V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz (universal model)

Electrical Power

Air Pump: 0.24kw ; Oil Pump: 0.3kw

Optional Device

Manual Press Assistance Device, Variable Size of Pouch

A new standard in banknote processing! The NotaPack banknote packaging system was developed
for Giesecke & Devrient’s (G&D) BPS® 1000, BPS® M7, BPS® 2000, and BPS® 3000 banknote processing systems. It fulfills strict requirements for banknote packing, offering numerous advantages. The NotaPack packaging system offers security and reliability throughout the entire
packing process. After the banknotes have been sorted by the BPS® machine, they are assembled into packages and sealed in tamperproof film to complete the process. The individual bundles are shrink wrapped. A label can optionally be applied inside each bundle to record information such as value, name of operator, machine number, and date of processing. This allows bundles to be traced back to their source if necessary. One advantage of the fully automatic process is a considerable
reduction in expenses for security personnel and surveillance equipment.

Applicable Model


Plastic Material


Shrinking Temperature


Plastic Foil Thickness

32 micron


1250 m


355 mm, open 710 mm

Outer Diameter

254 mm

Internal Diameter

75 mm

Core Thickness

14 mm Paper Core


Customer Printing

NotaPack consists of up to three modules: two modules – a conveyor belt and L-sealer system with a shrink-wrap tunnel – for the standard version, plus an optional label printer.

Module 1: Conveyor belt. The bundles generated by the BPS are transported along the conveyor belt through a tamperproof casing to the packaging module. The belt can be tailored to the size of the customer’s BPS and the height of the banknote output compartments. The conveyor belt can be retracted to the side if operator needs to access the BPS machine (e.g. to replenish bundler film). The bundles can also be inserted by hand, with access secured by means of a key switch. The optional printer module can be installed on the conveyor belt. It can be configured to print the banknote value, denomination, processing data, or other information on a label on the bundler film. Module 3: L-sealer with shrink-wrap tunnel The L-sealer encloses the bundled banknotes in special
film. The plastic wrap protects the notes from moisture and soiling and prevents bundles from being opened unnoticed. With the Peelwrap® option, users can easily open bundles without scissors or tools. Because of the tunnel’s small dimensions and thorough insulation, power consumption and heat emission are considerably lower than that of conventional systems. That makes special heat ventilation or more powerful air-conditioning unnecessary. Since NotaPack also requires very little compressed air, it can be hooked up directly to the BPS machine’s compressed air supply.

Types of film used
- Numerous polyolefin films with a standard thickness of 19 to 25 μm
- Film thicknesses of 15 to 50 μm are possible under certain conditions
- Packer has an integrated sprocket drum

Applicable Model

G&D M5

Plastic Material

Flat Foil

Plastic Foil Thickness

40 micron


140 m


106 mm

Outer Diameter

120 mm

Internal Diameter

76-78 mm

Core Thickness

Paper Core 5mm


Customer Printing

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